Frozen Yogurt vs Traditional Ice-Cream: Here's the scoop!

It’s a staple on date nights, a treat on an errand-run, and the perfect dessert to round off a meal. And no, I’m not talking about ice-cream, but frozen yoghurt (often referred to as froyo!). It’s delicious in its own right, not as an ice cream substitute, but as a unique substance altogether.

In all its years on the scene, new variations of frozen yogurt have emerged, just like ice cream. From soft serve styles to hard serve ice cream; and popsicles to frozen yogurt cakes, the options are aplenty. Pretty much anything ice cream can do, frozen yogurt can do better!

Here, we unpack the differences between Sogurt’s froyo ice cream and its classic counterpart - traditional ice cream - and tell you why we are convinced that Sogurt reigns supreme in the world of frosty treats.


1. Main Ingredient

The main ingredient in ice-cream is cream, while yogurt is used as the base for our frozen yogurt ice cream.


2. Fat content

With cream as its base, traditional ice cream has a significantly higher fat content compared to frozen yogurt.

Fun fact!

In order to be classified and sold as “ice cream”, the FDA requires the ice cream to contain at least 10% of milk fat.1 Many commercially sold ice creams contain up to 20% of milk fat.

Sogurt’s frozen yogurt ice cream, on the other hand, does not contain cream, and the source of its fat comes from cultured milk. On average, frozen yogurt typically contains about 4% of milk fat.2

Here’s how Sogurt’s frozen yogurt ice cream compares to traditional ice cream:

  • 40% fewer calories;
  • More than 50% less saturated fat; and
  • 35% less sugar

3. Presence of probiotics

To culture the milk for our frozen yogurt, pasteurized milk is fermented with probiotics (good bacteria that is naturally present in your gut!). These live cultures promote a healthy digestive tract and have also been found to boost the immune system.

Traditional ice cream typically does not contain these gut-friendly cultures. 

4. Suitable for those who are lactose intolerant

Ice cream contains high levels of lactose, and is often unsuitable for people who are lactose intolerant. 

In frozen yogurt, the live cultures added to the milk convert the lactose present to lactic acid (which is also what gives yogurt its distinctive tart taste!). Those who stay away from ice cream because of lactose intolerance sometimes turn to frozen yogurt ice cream as a preferred alternative, as it is much easier to digest than milk!  

5. How they are made

To make ice cream, the cream is first mixed with sugar, flavourings, and emulsifiers. It then undergoes a pasteurization process where the mixture is heated to a high temperature to kill off any harmful bacteria. The mixture is then rapidly frozen and churned to prevent the formation of ice crystals.

In frozen yogurt ice cream, milk and sugar are first mixed together and pasteurized. However, unlike traditional ice-cream (where the entire mixture is pasteurized), our yogurt cultures are only added in after the pasteurization process. 

This meticulous attention to detail protects the yogurt from exposure to high heat, and ensures that the bacteria are kept alive and preserved to optimize gut-health benefits! Every step is finely laced with intention and purpose; nothing is random.

6. Nutritional verdict

Aside from probiotics, Sogurt’s frozen yogurt ice cream also contains pre-biotics that are added into our proprietary pre-mix bases. Prebiotics are specialized plant fibres that enhance gut health by stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.

We also use high grade Virgin coconut oil (instead of palm oil) because it is lower in saturated fat content and is better for your heart. 

Sometimes, it’s not what you cut out of a dessert, but what you put into it that changes its nutritional value. All our frozen yogurt ingredients are curated specifically for the health benefits they offer. At Sogurt, we believe in this: “Healthy gut, healthy you”, and we rigorously incorporate this belief into the products that we make!

7. Our mark of Distinction

Many ice-cream brands offer frozen yogurt ice cream options (e.g. Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s etc.) But here’s the thing. Most of these brands are traditional ice cream connoisseurs; they are experts at ice cream making, not frozen yogurt.

Since our inception 12 years ago, we have been singularly focussed on creating frozen yogurt treats of the highest quality for our community. We started out with soft serve bars and evolved to offering hard serve tubs in a variety of distinctive flavours that are unique to Sogurt.

Your taste buds matter to us! Every single pint is the result of intensive R&D and extensive innovation, so that each mouthful results in a complementary burst of flavours created with your palette in mind. And it is this unique specialization and consistent pursuit of excellence that make our products stand out in the world of frozen treats!



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