Our Story

Sogurt Ice Cream Soft Served Froyo

In 2010, founder Lee Li Ping was inspired by the immense joy of creating her own froyo in a self-serve store where she had studied in the US. She wanted to bring this magical experience to Singapore, so she opened Sogurt - Singapore's first fully self-service froyo store. When it opened, it lit up both adult and children's faces as they swirl their froyo and choose their toppings at the Sogurt self-serve bar.


Sogurt Ice Cream KARA Cafe Flagship Retail Shopw

That began a journey of spreading the Sogurt joy all over the island in 15 brick-and-mortar stores, including a popular all-day dining flagship concept, "KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar" in 2017. 

Expanding out of brick and mortar concepts, and in a continuous pursuit of product excellence and innovation, we teamed up with a renowned local Food Tech company to create a new product line of halal-certified, low-fat yogurt-based frozen desserts containing probiotics that’s accessible to all. 

Sogurt Ice Cream Minicups

Our newly released Sogurt pints and minicups contain 40% fewer calories than traditional ice cream—more than 50% less saturated fat—and 35% less sugar!

We use coconut oil instead of palm oil because it's better for the environment (and your heart). Plus, thanks to the new inclusion of probiotics and prebiotic fibres, Sogurt can now keep your gut healthy and happy too!

In 2021, the ‘Sogurt 2.0’ campaign was launched, boasting a refreshed brand outlook with a spanking new and improved product, aimed at catapulting froyo into the future of staple everyday foods that’s well loved by all.