The Story & Science Behind The Magic

With the pressures of modern day living, we understand that having a holistic work-life balance is now tougher than ever.

Since Sogurt's conception, our mission is to create delightful experiences and products that will help you thrive, mind, body and soul.

This inspired our latest range of gut-friendly "Probiotic Froyo Ice-Cream" in a variety of delicious flavours that's unique to Sogurt. 

To create this novel product, we went through a rigorous R&D process and adopted a manufacturing process similar to that for ice cream, utilising our very own proprietary pre-mix bases, "So- Tangy", "So-Creamy' and "So-Choc".

Combining New Zealand Skimmed Milk, high-grade Virgin Coconut Oil (for optimal fat-burning & to keep it palm-oil free), as well as yogurt (containing prebiotics and probiotics, a.k.a. live cultures), the mixture is rapidly frozen and churned to minimise the size of ice crystals.

This ensures smoothness and consistency with every lick of our product ;)

Now here's the secret. While conventional methods of ice cream production involve pasteurising the entire ice cream mix, the Sogurt technology pasteurises all BUT the yogurt component. 

This meticulous attention to detail eliminates the yogurt's exposure to high heat, keeping the healthy bacteria alive, thus optimising gut-health benefits and even helping to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Our freshly-made Froyo Ice-Cream is then packaged in pint and single cup-sized tubs, then rapidly frozen again at sub-zero temperatures to set; now all primed, ready and safe for daily consumption, whether you are young or old!