The Science Behind Sogurt Froyo Ice-Cream

Adopting a manufacturing process similar to that for ice cream, Sogurt’s froyo ice-cream is created with a proprietary pre-mix base of Sotangy, Socreamy or Sochoc.

Combined with New Zealand skimmed milk, high-grade virgin coconut oil for optimal fat-burning, as well as yogurt that contains prebiotics and probiotics (live cultures), the mixture is rapidly frozen and churned to minimise the size of ice crystals.

While conventional methods of ice cream production involve pasteurising the entire ice cream mix, the Sogurt technology pasteurises all but the yogurt component. This meticulous attention to detail eliminates the yogurt's exposure to high heat, keeping the healthy bacteria alive. The freshly made froyo ice-cream is then packaged in pint- and single cup-sized tubs, then rapidly frozen at sub-zero temperatures to set.