Sogurt was founded in 2010, and we were excited to be the first to introduce a novel concept of a fully self-serve frozen yogurt store in sunny Singapore. Our fun and fresh DIY bar encouraged our community to explore endless possibilities of innovative flavours and toppings; creating the most photo-worthy, groundbreaking, outrageous and quirky mixes!

Over the years, we have perfected a delicious soft-serve recipe for the young and old, catering to the health-conscious as well with our offering of the perfect blend of a low-fat, high calcium product.The result – a perfect little cup of Froyo heaven that forged a large and loyal following, both online and off.

In 2016, after going through a period of rapid retail expansion, Sogurt went through a consolidation and reinvention which birthed a new concept “KARA Cafe and Dessert Bar” in 2017.

Simultaneously, a new “Healthier-Choice” certified product line of hardserve froyo “Sogurt Spoonful” was in development! In 2018, we introduced “Sogurt Spoonful” in our KARA stores - it being the first locally-produced frozen yogurt ice-cream with prebiotics, live cultures and made with coconut oil.

Our new flagship “KARA” now houses the Sogurt Self-Serve bar. Sogurt stays true to our core mission of building love, joy and friendships in all we do. 

We believe in the importance of building healthy individuals, families and communities, and see society being transformed through this.

We have connected with hundreds of millennial female employees under our Sogurt family, and adopt a collaborative, multi-generational approach to relating with them.

Sogurt Self-Serve Bar is now available in these locations:
617 Bukit Timah Road
(Row of shophouses after Coronation Plaza)


Human connections are at the heart of all we do. Our core mission is to foster a culture of LOVE, JOY and FRIENDSHIPS across all our Sogurt brands’ touchpoints.

We envision impacting an entire generation of millennials to embody relational intelligence, to walk in holistic well-being and authenticity to be the best expression of themselves.


  1. Authenticity
  2. Empathy and warmth. We love all human beings and embrace diversity!
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation
  4. Courage to think and act beyond the status quo; Pushing boundaries
  5. Staying curious, imaginative, and having fun with the process
  6. Acting in integrity and accountability. Giving our best to establish trust in all we do